ALIGN   Spiritual Awareness Motivating you to ALIGN with your life purpose and highest potential. Bringing direction and clarity. Recognising that there is nothing to become, all that is within us.   Flower Essence: SILVER PRINCESS Giving clarity to life direction and purpose.   Crystal infusion: HERKIMER DIAMOND Clears blockages and encourages you to shine.   Essential oils Orange Sweet* Spiritual guidance and protection Lime Cold Pressed* regeneration, optimism, and trust in the Universe Geranium* clear and strengthen the auric field Patchouli* brings a sense of sacredness to your life Ylang ylang complete* Heals the Divine feminine Rose otto Love, compassion and gratitude   Alchemically combining these vibrations creates this beautiful clear mist for you to use, motivating and aligning with purpose throughout the day.   Application: Close your eyes, take a few calming breaths whilst spraying above your head.  Use with intention, creating a ritual of self-care.  Your spiritual energy will be rekindled in the form of security and a sense of your own power.   *denotes certified organic


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