Having known Kyla most of my life, I still regularly participate in her Nature Immersions and recently decided to experience a space clearing in my family home.

I was surprised at how detailed it was, from the initial booking form to the process itself, and I was seriously impressed by how thorough and focused it was.

We walked through rooms together and, for the first time in decades, thought laterally within those spaces that I’d always taken for granted. Kyla also identified numerology insights around our family members, revealing some fascinating dynamics.

I would describe myself as a novice in this environment, and at one stage of the process, I lay on my lounge and followed Kyla’s soothing voice to visualise a particular scene. It is, without doubt, the first time I’ve ever come close to what I would call a meditation experience. From the moment she finished the clearing, I can say with a hand on my heart that the lines of communication in our home have measurably improved.

Kyla also included white hydrangea flowers during the clearing. While I know hydrangeas are rockstars of the shrub world, I don’t know what sort of juju or magic dust she put on these flowers or whether they thrived in the cleared space lasting for weeks beyond the clearing.

I would recommend Kyla for a Space Clearing or Nature Immersion in a heartbeat and without hesitation.


Clients often comment on how incredible the energy feels or how great our clinic smells which is all courtesy of accomplished Elemental Alchemist Kyla from Starlight Space Clearing. As a business owner, I am passionate about every client experience during their treatment and I’m committed to investing in regular space clearings as a powerful and effective means of eliminating disruptive, negative or intrusive energies from the clinic. Results can be felt immediately and ensure my staff, the clients and I are consistently working in a vibrant and harmonious environment. We also burn and sell Kylas exquisite Sandalwood Soy Candles.


We recently bought a home and from the day we moved in our 4 year old son had not slept through the night and was waking regularly overwhelmed and fearful. At first, I must admit, I was pessimistic about Kyla coming to my house to do a clearing to help with my sons night terrors/wakings. Once Kyla completed her clearing our house felt like a home and it was evident the energy had shifted and felt cleaner, clearer and more positive. That same night our  son stopped waking through the night and asking for us.

I would definitely recommend Kyla to assist with shifting any negative energies that are in your space. 


We were gifted one of Kyla’s beautiful space clearings from my mum prior to our first baby arriving and it was such a grounding, emotional and amazing experience. Her energy from the moment she walked through our doors was so calming and clarifying in itself. We did a magical meditation which connected both my partner and I with our little bub and our home, drank yummy, grounding cacao and watched as Kyla moved through our home and shifted the space and energy for the better.

I don’t remember the last time my partner slept through the night and he literally slept like a baby that evening. We’ve had friends come over since and they’ve acknowledged our home’s beautiful, grounding and safe energy – Kyla’s starlight space clearing is a must! Thank you Kyla.


Kyla’s impact and work is incredible. I was referred onto Kyla from my coach. I’d heard of Kyla previously and knew she was highly recommended and extraordinary with her ability to transform and clear land and properties energetically.

The place I’m residing held a lot of deep darkness. It kinda freaked me out a little trying to explain it – so I kept it to myself a fair bit. It was awesome being able to describe it to Kyla, knowing she understood. Recovering from a jolt to the nervous system, brain trauma, I wanted to create an amazing space for me to heal and recover. Somewhere that myself and my partner could thrive.

I admit I was a little nervous, as I wasn’t sure what to expect. But Kyla instantly put me at ease and I felt connected to her immediately and relieved that I was in safe caring hands. We booked the day for the healing. I filled out the questionnaire along with the information about the property and land here. Along with my intentions, and other details of what I’d love energetically for myself and this property.

On the day of the healing… it was pretty magical. I know that sounds kinda cliché… but honestly it was awe-inspiring …

I had a nap because I was feeling a bit “off” that morning. I woke up, I had no idea what time it was. I felt peace, happiness, joy, lightness, bliss, super content… and felt like I had some kind of ethereal while gold flowing through me and around me. I figured I was dreaming. It was beautiful.

As I sat up and realised I was awake… I got a message from Kyla saying that she’d just finished the healing. I looked at the time and went WOW!!!

Since that day the house has felt lighter. My nervous system calmer. I’ve continued to make greater progress with healing. The spaces in the house that felt spooky, heavy and dark to me before… feel light. The house, the garden, outside feels so much better now. Like a breath of fresh air. Even my 4WD, that I’d been nervous of driving, but loved… The connection I have with it now is amazing when driving.

I continue with the awesome advice she’s given me to keep the momentum going and the energy and love flowing. I’m so grateful. It’s created powerful shifts in my life and my business too.

Not only is Kyla amazingly knowledgeable and gifted with her connection to land and clearing spaces… she’s a beautiful loving caring woman. No judgement… very supportive, compassionate with a profound ability to energetically create transformation.

I’d highly recommend Kyla, and have plans in the future to work with Kyla again when I purchase my own property. It’s been an fantastic experience.


Kyla’s work is profound. Her deep connection to the land is evident and powerful and her ability to shift and clear space energetically is nothing short of amazing.

The clearing results after working with Kyla on my home and business were incredible with the spaces feeling clear and aligned and the difference even showed personally for me where people were commenting on how radiant I seemed all of a sudden.

The removal of stuck negative energies happened quickly and this result was miraculous. I highly recommend working with Kyla, her light and expertise is an incredible gift that has amazing results.


I have worked with Kyla for over 10 years both in my professional and personal life. Kyla has a warm, gentle and beautiful angelic presence she has a gift to transform spaces and peoples lives. My life has changed emotionally and energetically, she has helped me let go of limiting beliefs and guided me to find my true path.

I have and will continue to call on Kyla to energetically align and clear for clients selling their homes, also for moving into new homes or to ignite abundance in association with investment properties or portfolios.

Thank you Kyla for the journey you have taken me on, I am so grateful to you.


Kyla is the authentic personification of healing love. I have known her for over a decade, both as a friend and colleague. Kyla has blessed and energetically cleared my yoga studio and home with her sacred & unique ceremonies, candles and mists. Even on an average day I would feel my spirits lift with the prayers and easy to do rituals Kyla showed me to perform to clear the studio each day of the stress brought in by myself or clients.

Everyone has experienced “tension in the air” and can sense when something isn’t right. Kyla provides is that she creates a loving atmosphere in your home or place of work, so that the space you’re in holds you and supports you. It’s a felt-sense, invisible yet tangible somehow.

Health and well-being is more than nutrition and being mindful etc, it’s also being conscious of the energy that surrounds us while we go about our day and I thank Kyla for educating me, as my life and the well-being of my family has benefited so greatly. 


We are grateful to have the opportunity to share this testimony to Kyla from Starlight Space Clearing as she has worked with us previously in both our homes and businesses on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Our decision to relocate from Sydney to the Byron Ballina Hinterland was a huge transition and despite our excitement, there was something we couldn’t quite grasp as it just didn’t feel right. Change is hard, we both understand having renovated many homes together in 28 years but there was something more we needed to explore to help us move forward…. was it buyers remorse? A new area we were unfamiliar with? or just the simplicity of energetically connecting us to our new home?

So after months of confusion, we engaged our trusted go-to Kyla to venture up to us to guide us through the process. We completed the questionnaire provided to give her insight into our dilemma plus our plans and visions for our new home. It was such a difficult time as I found myself in serious doubt with buyers remorse for the first time not wanting or knowing what was holding us back. I felt such inner calm to observe Kyla at work and after she spent many hours on our land and in our home we experienced a huge shift. She created a special sacred space in our living room that spread out to the land using her knowledge, experience and calm to connect us together.

We are forever grateful to Kyla and honoured to provide this testimonial to anyone considering Kyla to anchor calm and peace to either their work or home environment – You will be forever fans like us.


As a licensed real estate agent on Sydney’s Northern Beaches & Lower North Shore, it’s a privilege to witness the results of Kyla’s Interior and Environmental Alignments. Kyla transforms the energetic imprints of homes for owners, sellers, buyers, landlords, tenants and investors.

My transformational journey with Kyla began in my early 50’s when I sought clarity on a career path and life direction. Kyla introduced me to the Flower Essence Silver Princess, then Nature Immersions, Sacred Geometry and Plant Medicine to support the changes along the way.

I’m now over four years alcohol-free, happy and healthy amongst a tribe of women passionate about nurturing the Goddess within. I am more than happy to expand on my transformation or talk about my commitment to, and maintenance required, which keeps me on track as I strive for my highest potential.